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Idea Website Design - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Idea Website Design!

Here are the simple terms and conditions that govern our website design services:

1. Getting Started

  • I offer you a free working demo, created from your ideas and content.

  • When you confirm that you want to work with me, You agree to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit.

  • This deposit secures your hosting and domain services and kick-starts your project design.


2. Payment

  • The remaining 50% of the project cost is due before your completed website goes live.

  • We'll send you an invoice for both the deposit and final payment.

  • Refusal to pay any fee's owing will result in the website being taken offline and our working relationship terminted.

  • Any outstanding fee's not paid will be passed to a collection agency.


3. Timeline

  • We'll provide an estimated timeline for your project's completion based on your requirements.

  • Any delays will be communicated to you promptly.


4. Your Responsibilities

  • You need to provide all necessary content and materials on time.

  • Make sure your content doesn't infringe on anyone else's rights.

  • If changes are needed you need to allow for time to carry those out.


5. Ownership

  • Once you've paid in full, your website is live, Annual renewal fees are due every 12 months, these will be clearly stated on initial confirmation invoice, You are notified 6 weeks in advance should you wish to cancel or renew.

  • We might showcase your project in our portfolio with your permission.

  • After completition should you require additional pages or large content areas these can be quoted for, Extra design time is calculated at £20 per hour.

  • I offer free amendments to text and images within reason.

  • You do not physically own the website design, its created digitally, hosting is renting the space is stored on, However your design is  created bespoke to your website and will never be reused in any way by me.


6. Termination

  • Either of us can end the agreement with written notice, If a domain orand email servie has been set up on your behalf they will be transferred to you or a nominated party for future use.( some domain providers may charge you for transfers in)

  • You're responsible for paying for the design work done up to the termination date.


7. Limits of Liability

  • Our liability is limited, All content give by you, images, video and text is your reponsibility.


8. Governing Law

  • These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.


9. Amendments

  • We may update these terms from time to time, and we'll let you know about any changes.

By choosing Idea Website Design, you agree to these terms. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime.

Idea Website Design [Daniel James] [01/01/2022]

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